Please find role a role which is suitable for you and that you are interested in, on the search and apply page. Then click on the Apply Now button at the bottom of each of those pages and fill out the application form. If you have not applied online for one of our positions before, it will ask you to create an account where you will be able to see your application, application status and all future applications.

If you are having difficulty applying you can try the below tips which might be able to resolve the issue for you:

  • Try to submit your application through the website on another device
  • Clear the browsers history and cache before clicking the Apply Now
  • Please check that you enter your post code in the correct format (e.g. A12 123) as it will not let you apply if it is not in the above format

If you are still having problems, please submit your query to bpretailjobs@bp.com with a screenshot and details of your query.

You can search for vacancies available in your area through the search and apply page, where you can input your post code to the Location search bar and vacancies near you will appear.
We advertise the hours we need you to work. Whilst we will try and make reasonable adjustments, only apply for a role if you can work the majority of the hours advertised.

The rate of pay is dependent on the location of the store you are applying to, and your shift pattern. Please look at the job advert when you apply to the role as to the rate of pay.

But we will always pay the real living wage and review annually to meet any changes in that rate.

Dependent on hours worked and stated in your contract. So, if you are part time, your annual leave is worked out based on how many hours you work, whereas full time employees get a standard amount. This will all be stated in your contract.

Working for bp, you will get a range of benefits and these will all be included in your contract.

Yes. Please see our Training and Development page for more detail.

You are given a 12-week induction programme for a Customer Service Assistant, and all managers receive a 10-week comprehensive training programme.

Yes there is a development programme within bp which you can state your interest in once joined the company.

This is can be any of the days of the week, as most of our stores are open 24/7.

Your shifts are scheduled 3 weeks in advance, please be honest and clear about your availability.

We will provide you with a uniform to work (a top, fleece and safety shoes), at no cost to yourself.

Probation period is 12 weeks for all employees.

Please see the GOV.UK website for up-to-date information in regards to right to work documentation. Right to work checklist from gov.uk

Every store may require different ages depending on the type of role they are recruiting for.

We do take employees from 16 years old and onwards, however in certain cases we may require applicants to be 18 years old.  

If you need to rearrange either a telephone interview or second interview, please contact whoever arranged the interview with you, either bpretailjobs@bp.com or the store if they organised it with you directly.

The difference between night and day shift work can be that night workers may need to be more self-motivated and focussing on cleaning and task-based activities as there are fewer customers in the store at night however they are imperative for setting the store up for success. Days are business and more responsive for customer needs helping to keep the store organised and stocked and delivering great customer service.

Night shift lone working – whilst we should never be planning for this to happen at a store level, sometimes it may need to happen, however we have training and security measures in place to allow our team members to lone work should the business need to.